If you are looking for web design services for a website that you need to get up and live then i am your man. I have been building websites for the last 15 years and know exactly how everything works. I also know in order to get more and more customers a website plays a HUGE role in making that happen. You need new people contacting you on a daily and weekly basis looking for puppies and i can do that for you. The sooner you get up a website the better, there is something called Domain Age and it helps you rank higher if your website has some age to it. The longer you wait to do a kennel site the longer it’s going to take you to start ranking in the search engines.

Web Design, Web Hosting and SEO …. I Do it All

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When it comes to a website, you do not need to worry about the small things, Coyote Designz can can handle everything for you.

I can host your website on my server and get everything installed correctly so you do not have to worry about learning more and more stuff online. I can get a kennel website up for as low as $800 one time fee and then $35 a month for the web hosting fee.