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If you are into XL Pitbulls then you know of Iron Cross Kennels. Im 100% sure you will find these dogs in your bloodline somewhere. This is the bloodline that pretty much started the XL Pitbull Community and a lot of the Top XL Kennels out today have bought a dog from Iron Cross Kennels in the past. That right there tells you enough about this bloodline and how popular it is (some consider it a bloodline, some consider it a handful of dogs from a prestigious kennel. We will call it a bloodline on this page). . On this website we are going to go over all of the ICK Dogs from the past and look at some of the top XLs that are out today.

A Little About Iron Cross Kennels

The Original Owner and Creator of Iron Cross Kennels was Roman Vaughn out of California. He started back around 2001 creating these monster Pitbulls and it soon caught on and people started buying XL’s from him. He quit breeding about 6 or 7 years later and hasn’t been breeding since. His website was bought up by other webmasters since then and now we own it and bringing it back to life for what it was, the very 1st XL Pitbull Kennel.

Listing of Pitbull Breeders with ICK Blood

Below are some Trusted Kennels that breed XL Pitbulls, check out their Websites:


Coyote Pitbulls

Coyote Pitbulls is an Excellent kennel out of Florida producing some very nice XL Pitbulls.


Riverside County Pitbulls

Riverside is out of California and have some very nice XL pitbulls such as Bane, he is one of the biggest XL’s in California.


Black Smoke Bullies

When it comes to XL’s Black Smoke Bullies is by far the best kennel in Canada.